Top 5 Wednesday: 2019 Reading Resolutions

Hello, all! How have you been? I hope 2019 has been treating you well so far. The first week of the year had gone by so fast, I didn’t have enough time on my hands to post an update (how many times have you heard me say this as an excuse for not blogging?)

I spent the first few days of 2019 visiting shrines, having my fortune read through an omikuji, and eating edamame mochi. We also decluttered our home a few days ago. My library has been purged of books I DNF-ed last year and let me tell you, sometimes a roomy shelf can look more attractive than one that’s filled with books. Or maybe that’s just me…

As I was cleaning my shelf, I had the opportunity to look back at my 2018 reading habits. Which is why I find this week’s Top 5 Wednesday topic to be so fitting. This week, I’m going to be talking about my 2019 Reading Resolutions.

(P.S. Yes, I’m aware that I’m posting this on a Sunday. I’m doing my best to catch up so let’s just pretend that today’s a Wednesday)

Top 5 Wednesday: My 2019 Reading Resolutions

I’ve already made a list of my reading goals for 2019 on this page way before this topic was created. They are, in a way, my reading resolutions as well. But after my shelf decluttering session, I thought I could add a bit more to the list to truly challenge myself this year. That said, here are 5 of my 2019 reading resolutions:

Go Ahead And DNF

I tend to think that all hope is not lost for a terribly-written story, not until the very last sentence at least. And this is probably the reason why I get into bad reading slumps – I know it is. Because I’m not enjoying what I read, it’s not hard to fall out of love with reading.

There’s just something about not finishing a book that makes me feel bad about myself. Maybe it’s also the fear of missing out on a book that might actually be good towards the end. But you know what?

No matter how great the ending may be, sometimes it’s just not worth it.

This year, I want to stop reading books I hate without feeling so guilty. Unless I’m reviewing the book as a service to help an author out, I am not wasting my time on books that don’t impress me from start to finish anymore. Time is too precious to be spent in agony reading bad literature. Besides, instead of wasting my time for a crappy read, I could be blogging.

Buy Less Physical Books

We’re all haunted by our TBR Lists. But if there’s one thing that stresses me out even more than a list, it’s seeing that list as a pile of physical books.

If I could purchase all the books on my TBR, I would need a library like Belle’s. But sadly, my husband will never agree to build such a huge ass library at home. Well, that and because having a room full of books actually makes me feel anxious.

I know most book lovers would love to be drowning in books but I’m not one of them. Unfortunately, I am still guilty of giving in to the temptation of going book shopping. Blame it on the beautiful covers and the satisfying feeling of a brand new book (and the smell of its pages)

This year, I want to show more love to my Kindle and avoid buying physical books. I made a personal resolution to travel more often and bringing 2-3 books with me on my travels isn’t very practical. But a Kindle will always have the same weight no matter how many books it has.

Read Reviews Later

I tend to rely on reviews too much to help me decide on my book purchases. Last year, I learned that not all recommendations make great reads, and sometimes you find gems in the most unexpected places.

That said, I’m going to make it a habit to read reviews later. I want to read more books without prior judgments or expectations. I feel that this is one way to truly find out what I feel about a book. Book bloggers and reviewers can sound so persuasive sometimes but this time, I want to listen to what my guts tell me.

Choose To Read First

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this anywhere on my blog before but I work full-time as a freelancer and as an entrepreneur. I blog and write lifestyle articles for a living while operating online businesses with my husband.

My daily schedules are always so busy and packed. I work really long hours either in front of the computer or packing orders. And so whenever I get a holiday or some free time to rest, all I really want to do is rest or watch something on Netflix.

But I know very well that reading could very well be a form of relaxation. This year, I want to stop reaching out for my phone and pick up a book or my Kindle instead to pass the time.

Have Deeper Discussions

Even before starting my book blog, I would recommend books to friends and family. I would suggest books according to their interest and tell them why it’s a good book. I never had the chance to really talk about a book with someone; to dissect it part by part and question it.

Now that I have a book blog, I’m looking forward to having these types of convos with the community. Because I was in a reading slump last year, I want to make this 2019 meaningful and motivating. And hopefully, that energy and passion are sustainable for many more years to come.

How About You?

I know I’m a bit late in the game but I would still love to know what your 2019 Reading Resolutions are. Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

One thought on “Top 5 Wednesday: 2019 Reading Resolutions

  1. Great post, and OK, I’ll pretend today is Wednesday πŸ˜ƒ

    Resolution: I hope to write more meaningful and quality posts instead of worrying about quantity.

    I also need to stop reading other people’s reviews before reading a book! It’s so annoying because sometimes, I’m biased from the start to the characters.

    DNFing or giving one stars without feeling guilty is something I have to work on. *sigh…*

    And don’t apologize for not taking time to post! This is a hobby and (even though I miss your posts) I know life loves to get in the way (It’s probably going to get in my way soon enough, LOL) πŸ’–


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