Why I Want To Read The Classics

Hi, everyone! It’s me again. I hope you’ve had a happy bookish weekend. Before I begin with today’s post, I want to take this opportunity to personally thank everyone who made me feel welcome in the book blogging community. I’m so thankful for your comments and for following my blog. 

I’m not much of a talker in real life, but your kind words have encouraged me to find my voice. And it has helped me find the courage to express my views on this blog…

Which leads me to today’s topic – the reasons why I want to read the classics

As you may have read on my blog intro/2019 goals, I want to rediscover the classics in the coming year. I thought I should talk more about this and what I hope to accomplish on my blog. I also want to know what others in the book community think about such issues and so here I am, writing about it. Let’s get the ball rolling, shall we? 

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