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Hello, all! How are you? I’m back today to make a quick post, just to let all of you know that I’m still alive and well.

Sometime last week, the lovely JR Lynn from Eternity Book Reviews tagged me with the Unpopular Opinion Book Tag. I didn’t want to do this at first because I didn’t want to offend anyone by bashing the books they love.

But after reading JR Lynn’s post, I thought it was a good chance to get to know other people and their thoughts about certain bookish things.

That said, it is not my intention to insult others. If you find your favorite book or author on my list, please ignore me and my opinions.

Now that we’ve got that all cleared up, let’s get down to business…

A popular book you didn’t like

I feel like I’m going to get a lot of hate for this one but in all honesty, I can’t stand The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.

A book series everyone hates but you love

The Da Vinci Code. I know that it’s not a great thriller and that it has a million things wrong about it. But I still thought it had entertainment value. I thought that it was at least action-packed, which makes it a little bit more tolerable.

A love triangle where the MC ends up with someone you didn’t want them to end up with

I don’t usually read a lot of books with love triangles in them – it’s one of the tropes I want to avoid. But if I had to choose one, it would have to be Gale vs. Peeta for Katniss.

Yes, I’m on Team Gale.

A popular genre you rarely reach out for

Young adult contemporary. I’m not sure why… If you guys have some recommendations to help me get started, I would love to hear about them.

A popular character you don’t like

Celaena Sardothien (forgive me if I spelled that wrong – I just don’t care enough to Google it) Aside from that ridiculous name, I have so many things to say about this character, and none of them are good.

A popular author you can’t seem to get into

Tahereh Mafi. I haven’t read her middle-grade fiction (Furthermore) yet, but I didn’t like her style of writing in the Shatter Me series.

A popular trope you are tired of seeing

Like many others in the bookish community, I’m also not a big fan of love triangles and insta-love. But these days I find myself getting irritated with the “Kickass Girl” trope.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m all for girl power and all that but let’s be honest, this trope is problematic – especially if you pair it up with really bad writing. I guess what I meant to say is, I am tired of seeing this trope being misused. It has a lot of potentials but a lot of the popular books don’t get it (I’m looking at you, Calaena Sardo-whateverien)

A popular series you have no interest in reading

The Mortal Instruments. Throne of Glass – or anything by Sarah J. Maas. Twilight.

As the saying goes, the book is always better than the movie. But what movie do you prefer to the book?

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. There were many parts in Stieg Larsson’s book that I felt weren’t necessary. I know that he was a journalist and that fact reflected in his book but I just couldn’t get into it.

The movie gave me more Lisbeth Salander than the book could ever have. And I honestly think that this book wouldn’t be as popular as it was today without Lisbeth.

Why I Want To Read The Classics

Hi, everyone! It’s me again. I hope you’ve had a happy bookish weekend. Before I begin with today’s post, I want to take this opportunity to personally thank everyone who made me feel welcome in the book blogging community. I’m so thankful for your comments and for following my blog. 

I’m not much of a talker in real life, but your kind words have encouraged me to find my voice. And it has helped me find the courage to express my views on this blog…

Which leads me to today’s topic – the reasons why I want to read the classics

As you may have read on my blog intro/2019 goals, I want to rediscover the classics in the coming year. I thought I should talk more about this and what I hope to accomplish on my blog. I also want to know what others in the book community think about such issues and so here I am, writing about it. Let’s get the ball rolling, shall we? 

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